JunyaIshigami- A New Real
NS Building 16th Floor 10 December 2011
Interviewer: Jun Hashimoto

   Since establishing his own office in 2004 after working for KazuyoSejima, JunyaIshigami has been pushing the very limits of architecture—both physically and conceptually as “a new real.” This was the theme for his talk on December 10, 2011 moderated by architectural editor Jun Hashimoto as part of architectural dialogues sponsored by A-Project. In the last year, Ishigami has certainly become known globally through his feature issue in Japan Architect 79 (edited by Hashimoto) and winning the 2010 Golden Lion prize at the Venice Biennale (curated by Sejima) for the best project of an absolutely minimal installation of 0.9 mm carbon fiber pillars set in contrast with the solidity of the historic masonry Arsenale structure in Venice. Althoughthis installation was infamously knocked down by a cat, such a minimal structure was successfully realized in his subsequent exhibition at the Toyota Municipal Art Museum.
   Ishigami presented the new reality of architecture through the narrative of his ongoing process that reconsiders the very starting point of design.For Ishigami, this encompasses the assumptions of scale, as well as order.The forest-like placement of columns for his KAIT Kobo defy conventional rational orthogonal geometry, thereby prompting students to use closely placed columns like walls and walk through in many different ways—as captured by close-circuit high definition cameras filming the actual use of the space. Ishigami’s new reality is also one of aspiring towards comfort over radical form. In his Group Home for senior citizens, he is reusing actual wood-frame homes. In doing so, he is maintaining their patina built up over time, roofs and columns, but looking to their metabolic transformation as they are newly configured in a new location. In ending his talk by returning to his early project from 2007 of a 4 by 14 meter reflective balloon for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Ishigami emphasized that as radical as his design ideas may seem they are about creating a new reality in front of your very eyes, rather than just in your mind or in another world.This embodies the efforts of the A-Project, for which we all await the realization of exciting realities in the near future.

Ken Tadashi Oshima

石上純也「新しい建築のリアリティ」 クリティーク
2011年12月10日 NSビル16階

 妹島和世のもとから独立し、2004年に事務所を設立して以来、石上純也は物理的にも思想的にも「新しい建築のリアリティ」を求めて建築の限界に挑戦し続けている。これが2010年12月10日に開催されたAプロジェクト主催の講演(モデレーター:新建築「JA」元編集長 橋本純)における彼のテーマであった。昨年、石上は「JA79」(橋本純編集)の特集号で取り上げられたり、ヴェネツィア・ヴィエンナーレ(キュレーター:妹島和世)では、ヴェネツィアの歴史ある堅固な石造の建物の中に、それとは対照的な0.9mmのカーボンファイバーの柱で構成された極めて微細なインスタレーションを展示し、2010年金獅子賞を受賞して世界的に有名になった。このインスタレーションは、猫に倒されるという不名誉なこともあったが、その後の豊田市美術館の展示会では、この“空気のような建築”は成功をおさめた。

ケン タダシ オオシマ
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